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Download Makai Wars v01.03.01 Mod Apk Latest Version

Makai Wars

Makai Wars v01.03.01 Mod Apk Risemara unnecessary and can start simple and easy handy simulation RPG
Held in tutorial Gacha to re-draw any number of times comes out until it hits a favorite character in the tutorial! !
If further now ★ 3 Freya’s get!

You Might Need :

■ Makai Wars The
2004, a character called “Asagi” as the “hero of his next” from ICHI Software was announced.
“Asagi” was supposed to fly to the world as a hero without incident. However, Asagi even after many years not be made the works of the hero, was the time has flow obsession of 13 years ……
And 2018 … finally Asagi delivery is the hero of the game “Makai Wars”!
Worldwide cumulative sales number more than 300 million units, “Disgaea” series and more than 600-million downloads total Sumahogemu “loose Dorashiru” is transcendence combined! ! Here in the united work of all time “Makai Wars” is born! !

■ Story
High school girl in the acclaimed enjoy the mundane day-to-day I can, morning mist Asagi
Peace and enjoy to have the One day, when I woke up in a strange dream … what there was “Makai”!
To suddenly appeared mysterious goddess “Freya”, “Fight!” Or “You O God,” said Toka, another very caught up in various things!
I do not know somehow well, not a will taro-or-Kuya’ to the -! ! This is my story! ! !


Mod :
1.) Weak Enemy Atk
2.) Weak Enemy Def
3.) Always Player Turn

(NOTE: Don’t abuse Auto win, Go levelup and upgrades your character first before goin further on story campaign)


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