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Download Miracle mu- Return of the King v2.3.0 Mod Apk (Vip + Speed) Latest Version

Miracle mu- Return of the King

Miracle mu- Return of the King v2.3.0 Mod Apk (Vip + Speed) 2017 annual best-selling games, reelected dual platform champion hand tour]
★ magic of the era! Annual New Career – Summoner

You Might Need :

● new occupation: Summoner
In a long time in the Department of physics under repression, the magic of the era will come! The new occupation of the high goddess of cold – “Summoner” come, with the arrival of the legal system of occupational summoner, miracle on the mainland of various magic elements will revitalize Yao. The injection of new occupations, so that the Department of Physics and the Department of Occupational career to achieve a perfect balance, but also represents the legal profession of the strong rise of magic for the advent of the era.

● new system: career transfer
Experience new career, no need to re-training! The new system: career transfer, arbitrary sharing, as long as the account has a 10 or more roles, the player can create a property in the role of the interface [Vice], vice occupations can share the main occupation of all equipment except equipment, Role in the safe area can switch the main, vice career, but need to pay attention to create a vice occupation will consume a certain number of diamonds, and the creation of the role can not be deleted or changed.

● poly soul perfusion, God equipment to strengthen
Open more than 11 equipment can be poly soul, poly soul will strengthen the equipment, additional, training properties for addition, and soul level to inheritance. Poly soul has a certain success rate, when the soul of refining the soul of success will light a soul fire, failure will make the soul of fire extinguished. If the soul when the use of “God spar”, failed to protect the soul of the fire will not go out.

● New map: Akaren West
Long, long ago, some of the spirits living in the kingdom of Xunzan found themselves increasingly dependent on foreign technological development, and were no longer respected for the natural magic left by their ancestors. This change makes these elves feel uneasy, the natural spirit of the spirit of the spirit of persuasion forced them to eventually leave the forest, risk their lives across the Dead Sea reached the uninhabited Acaran continent, and the accident on the continent Found a tree of life, and re-start to build a new kingdom.
Due to the existence of the natural barrier such as the Dead Sea, Akaren’s spirits are protected, but Mozu has found them, corrosion of large tracts of land. Found that the mutation of the elves quickly to the west of the volcano retreat, they built a barrier around the tree of life, resistance to Mozu invasion. A few years later, the power of the tree of life is about to be depleted, the wizard through the tree of life to the miracle of the mainland to seek help, hope that the Warriors can reach Acarang across the Dead Sea, to help them screen the threat of Mozu.

== Adaptation model ==
Equipment: Samsung, HTC, Sony and most other brands and models
Operating system: 4.0 and above, a separate GPU processor
The remaining storage space: 600M or more

According to game software classification management approach, this software is: counseling 15-year-old
This game involves the role of wearing prominent features of clothing, fighting, attacking and other less bloody screen
This game is free to use, the game also provides the purchase of virtual currency games, items and other paid services

=== About the use of the mobile phone license SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW ===
When users use Facebook account login game, the game will appear in the Facebook suspension window, the window features include Facebook social sharing function, then start SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission


– x3 speed
– Unlock vip 12: Some of the VIP features (Remote warehouse, remote repair, remote potion shop, no wait time arena, instance teleport, 5% enhance)

Install Steps:
– Uninstall playstore version
– Install the modded apk
– Enjoy

How to Install Game:

  • Download files games
  • Go to Settings / Security / Check Unknown Source
  • Install the apk file to complete his
  • Download his data
  • Done, play game

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