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Download Alcruz of the Astrophysia v1.2.6 Mod Apk Latest Version

Alcruz of the Astrophysia

Alcruz of the Astrophysia v1.2.6 Mod Apk “Arukurusu of Ten穹” the end of the service we have 2017/1/11
Now to be. So far everyone that I was playing, really
Thank you very much. Remaining period of time, you can enjoy until the end
I hope Re.

You Might Need :

that is–
Tracing the sky, the story of adventurers

Countless ruins in the sky
Seek treasure “Arukurusu” which is said to be in that somewhere
Adventurers who gather in the floating city Shieruviru

Hero of Rion also, one of them.
The story, kick off from where he met with the three men of fellow –

● Easy battle that connect by tracing
Tracing the screen, trying to move the character toward the enemy!
Combo occurs when the way to pass through the fellow!
While easy operation you can enjoy a highly strategic battle

● quirky characters who
Including the hero Rion, distinctive character appeared
Attack is a strong character, the combo is good at character, resilience is high character
Let Tsukaiwakeyo in accordance with the purpose

And fun just looking at, Chibi Chara us
Grow your favorite character!
You may react something when you touch the screen?

● large damage equipped with a powerful weapon
Character of usability varies greatly weapons to equip!
It will advantageously Susumeyo the battle put a strong weapon in the hands!

Let’s make the fellow and the Klang ●
Fun making friends and clan congenial
Merit full and raise the clan to cooperate

● 4 concurrent multiplayer is also possible
4 people play simultaneously is also possible.
Also good to play in the usual clan of fellow each other
Both people who meet for the first time we can enjoy together
● character voice by gorgeous actors
Uchida Minami Kaito Ishikawa Tsuda stallion Yuki Kaneko
Kenjiro Tsuda Aoi Yūki Nobunaga Shimazaki Saori Hayami
Yoshimasa Hosoya Shizuka Ishigami Kakihara Aya Suzaki Tetsuya
Tomoyo Kurosawa Yuichiro Umehara Chinatsu Akasaki addition Kuma Ai
Kaede Hondo Senbongi Ayaka Maria Naganawa

● Recommended OS version
OS4.3 or later (except for the NEON technology non-powered devices)


Weaken the enemy
2. Increase the number of player moves
3. Unlimited skills

How to Install Game:

  • Download files games
  • Go to Settings / Security / Check Unknown Source
  • Install the apk file to complete his
  • Download his data
  • Done, play game

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